Product maintenance and storage

Despite the water-repellent treatments, leather is a very delicate material.For this reason, to keep its beauty intact over time, leather needs care:

  • The Cittis bracelet should be kept away from dust that could make it opaque, away from humid environments that favor the proliferation of molds and away from water.
  • If the leather gets wet, it should be dabbed with a dry and clean cloth, then leaving it to dry at room temperature, avoiding direct heat sources.
  • We remind you that the skin of our body absorbs odors and liquids so the various aesthetic products such as perfumes, scented creams, essential oils, etc. through sweat or contact, they can stain the leather.
  • For cleaning it is recommended not to use abrasive materials.It will be sufficient to wipe with a soft and dry cloth.
  • To restore shine and softness, from time to time, you can use a cotton swab soaked in cleansing milk.