Our history

The face behind Cittis

Let's start from the beginning

Cittis is actually a factory that was created to contribute to the production of footwear through the processing of leather, with which essential elements for the heel of shoes of all types and models are produced.
It is an activity born more than twenty years ago, undertaken by Lucio who has dealt with it for almost all his life to pass it on to his son Andrea who has welcomed years of experience and knowledge to carry on the family business.

Andrea is also the mind and the hands that have created our bracelet.After years of experience and observation, Andrea had an idea and wanted to try something new to give Cittis a new face.

He begins to stay in the factory a little longer than usual and, after long days of work, he devotes some free time to vent his imagination trying to create something new.In the end, after numerous attempts through which Andrea refined his leather processing technique, those somewhat confused ideas paid off and the Cittis bracelet was born.

A story of creativity like many others, which does not appear overnight but which is the result of years of experience, respect for tradition and an eye towards innovation.The result of these elements is a bracelet with a unique workmanship and which is inspired by the rolling hills of the Marche landscape, where Cittis was born.

Cittis factory

How we work

The workmanship is the strong point of this elegant accessory.If you ask Andrea how the bracelet is made, you can see a light that illuminates his eyes.In fact, the technique and coloring of the bracelets are all the result of his creation, and this is precisely what makes the brand so special.

The processing starts from the selection of sheets made in flower, the most resistant and precious part of the leather.After a careful selection of the best materials, the thin leather sheet is barrel dyed.This coloring requires the leather to be immersed in water containing dye solutions suitable for dyeing leather.Once immersed, the drum containing the water is brought to a certain temperature which allows the penetration of the dyes.

After coloring, the moment of fantasy begins: the leathers are placed on top of each other and made to adhere to each other according to the preferred color combinations.Once the best combination and fantasy have been chosen, the block of leathers is finely cut by a special machine to then become what is the Cittis bracelet.

The long workmanship and the choice of the best quality of leather make Cittis a simple and elegant accessory but at the same time unique and above all unrepeatable since each item is made to measure by hand.Take a look at our bracelets and give us the opportunity to pamper you with an accessory that can represent your taste and your personality.

Cittis factoryCittis factory