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The Cittis bracelet is made of original leather which with great skill has been transformed into the fantasy that makes it one of a kind.Passion for craftsmanship and love for their land continually inspire our artisans, who have enclosed the calm of the sea and the sweetness of the Marche hills in a 100% Made in Italy accessory.


Discover our workmanship
  • Thin

    The style of the thin bracelet gives an extra touch of elegance to every outfit.Thanks to the thin leather band, it will be in perfect harmony with your skin.In short, "delicacy" is the watchword here.

  • Regular

    If you are looking for a great companion on adventures, the regular bracelet is perfect to be worn on any occasion . The perfect balance between style and audacity of this accessory that stands out without being indiscreet, makes it what you will no longer be able to do without.

  • Large

    For those for whom nothing is ever enough.The large line is for those who are not satisfied and are looking for an accessory that stands out.But be careful: you risk that everyone will ask you how they can have it too.

  • Double

    A thin bracelet, but x2. The double style combines two bracelets with a lively and original result.If you are in love with the thin version, you will not be able to do without it!

  • Bracciale in cuoio Cittis
  • Bracciale in cuoio Cittis
  • Bracciale in cuoio Cittis

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